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$20 Free Bonus

Online gambling has been around for two decades, though in recent years, the market has grown considerably. Now in 2020, online gambling has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry with virtual casinos all around the world competing for business. Now that players are no longer confined to the brick and mortar casinos in their geographic region, there are huge advantages to playing online. Not only are the winning percentages higher, but with so much competition, casinos will offer a ton of promotional opportunities to pull new players to their site. For folks who have not yet given online gambling a try, what are you waiting for?

A Player's Advantage

The insanely competitive online gambling industry definitely puts the players in the driver's seat. However, for a new player, trying to understand how to make the most from various casino bonuses, it can get overwhelming and confusing! With no shortage of bonus offers, from match play to free spins, and no deposit bonus opportunities, usually ranging from $10 or $20 free bonus all the way to $75 or even more, how is a new gamer supposed to decide which offer to take, or which casino to try?

While all the various bonus opportunities and loyalty programs work to a player's advantage, gaming habits, game preferences, and budget will all come into play when trying to determine how to proceed, which bonuses to take advantage of, and which casinos to frequent. First, a better explanation on how bonuses work.

Try Play Now Casino Codes & Bonuses Drive Business

Various studies within the gaming industry have determined that if an online casino cannot entice a player to create an account on their first visit to a site, chances are, they won't be able to capture that customer later, because there are so many options for gamers. Therefore, casinos online operate with a true sense of urgency, wanting new players to play now. Casino codes for various bonus opportunities are all designed to drive new players into their site. However, not knowing which one will resonate with a player, most casinos have several promotional offerings to choose from. Here is a quick explanation of each to help new gamers decide what works best for them!

Match Offers/h2>

First, the match play bonus. Match play is designed for gamers who intend to set up and account and deposit money. For example, Bob decides to deposit $20 at Casino A to get started as a new customer. Casino A is offering a match play bonus of 100%, meaning Bob will get a $20 free bonus. That, plus the $20 he deposited, gives Bob a total of $40 to play. Meanwhile, Casino B may offer 200% match play, where Bob could deposit $20 and instead of only a $20 free bonus, he would actually get a $40 free bonus, giving Bob a full $60.00 to play with! Therefore, for players who truly intend to make an initial deposit, search around and review the various match play offers because while a $20 free bonus is good, a $40 free bonus is even better!

Match play bonuses can also vary depending on the amount of money a player is depositing. For example, for deposits of $100 or less, Casino C offers a 100% match bonus. When Bob deposits his $20, he gets his simple $20 free bonus, for $40 total. However, Casino C will actually give Bob a $250% match bonus for deposits over $100! So, instead of his initial $20, Bob decides to deposit $120. With a 250% match play, Bob would get a bonus of $300, giving him a total of $420.

For players who have never gambled online, bonuses like this seem crazy! Getting bonus amounts that are higher than player contributions may seem far fetched and impossible at a brick and mortar casino, but actually, are quite common online, simply due to the immense competition.

$20 free bonus

No Deposit Offers

Next, the no deposit bonus! For players who are hesitant to deposit, but want to play now, casino codes for no deposit bonuses are perfect. Many casinos offer small sums to entice new customers, such as $10 or $20 free bonus with no deposit required. Players can use their $20 free bonus on slots, table games, or specialty games, though there are usually some conditions that need to be met before a customer can cash out any winnings from a no deposit $20 free bonus. In some cases, to cash out anything from the initial $20 free bonus, customers must bet 30X the amount, or $600. In other cases, customers can cash out a limited amount of money, sometimes equal to the initial $20 free bonus, or up to 5x the initial $20 free bonus, or $100. It is important to read the conditions for any no deposit bonus.

Free Spins

Finally, there are the ever-popular free spin bonuses! These are done in several different ways. Some online casinos specify one game where the bonus is played, for example, 100 free spins on the Mega Moolah Video Slot. Players sign in and are directed to the specific game where the spins are pre-loaded onto the game. Once the spins are completed, players may be eligible to cash out all, or a portion of their winnings.

Other casinos may do free spins differently. Some casinos offer a free spin bonus, but instead of a specific number of spins, they assign a dollar amount which can only be used to play slots. The benefits of this bonus structure is twofold-the player can decide what slot machine they want to play now. Casino codes like this won't limit the player to one single game. Also, players can switch games. With a $50 free spin bonus, a player can use a $20 free bonus on one game, a $10 free bonus on a 2nd game, and finally change games once again, and use the last $20 free bonus on a third game. Finally, players can also decide how much to bet on each spin.

Loyalty Programs

The last type of bonus is usually part of a loyalty program. Loyalty programs are designed to bring players back. Loyalty programs are typically tiered, with each "level" getting bigger and better bonuses, based on how much they spend at the casino. These bonuses can vary from specific dollar amounts of free play, such as $10 or $20 free bonus each week, where a player's account will be credited the bonus amount. Other times, players are offered different match play percentages based on their location. Loyalty bonus programs usually also include small surprises, free spins, and other benefits.

With the various bonus opportunities, along with a higher winning percentage, gambling from the comfort of home, has plenty of advantages. As the online gambling industry continues to grow, so do the advantages for players, and with a little research, players can find many different bonus opportunities at online casinos all around the world. For folks who live far away from brick and mortar casinos, or prefer the comfort of home, or simply want to play now, Casino codes of all kinds are available to get the fun started!